Lunch4Learning relies on the generosity of people like you. By donating to Lunch4Learning you are supporting our work with children in Africa and helping our school communities to become self-sustainable.

We value your support and can assure you that donations of any size would be put to good use. With administration in Oxford being run by volunteers and therefore, salary-free, we can ensure that at least, 90% of your donation will reach Uganda.

There are many ways to support our work and help us make a real difference for the children of Uganda: just click on the drop-down menu for a range of options.You can also click on the PayPal icon below to go straight to their site.

You can also help us by reading through the Fundraising pages where you will find many ideas for you to consider. Advice and support will always be available from our staff in Oxford to help you develop your ideas and bring them to fruition.

If you are local to Oxford, can offer a specific skill (e.g. accountancy, website management) or simply have some time to spare, please e-mail us through our Contact Us page – we would love to hear from you.