Lunch4Learning arose from Oxfordshire’s school partnerships programme with Ugandan schools which started in 1996. We soon learned that a large number of primary school children do not have anything to eat at lunchtime, which inevitably affects the way they perform at school in the afternoons.

With a large increase in the number of children entering schools, it is widely accepted – by UNICEF and the World Bank, amongst others – that attainment will only improve when a lunchtime meal is made available to children.

The majority of the children we are helping leave home without breakfast and will not have any water to drink during the day either.

UNICEF’s FRESH initiative has recognised that “investing in basic education provision (…and thereby creating a literate healthy society) is among the most effective ways of improving a country’s economy“.

Lunch4Learning is registered with the Charity Commission in the UK and with the NGO Board in Uganda where a separate board and administration is operating liaising directly with Lunch4Learning in Oxford. 

Administration in Oxford is salary-free.

In Uganda we have a team of 3 led by our Programme Manager. They work directly with schools and help to deliver our core objectives on the ground.