Welcome to Lunch4Learning

After operating since 2008, Lunch4Learning is changing!

From 1st January 2017, Lunch4Learning (UGANDA) will no longer receive financial support from Lunch4Learning (UK) and will be raising its own funding whilst continuing to operate within the local school system.

Lunch4Learning (UK) has temporarily adopted a different set of objectives and has developed Global Grant to build 32 water tanks in partnerships with the Rotary Foundation through its Haddenham & District Rotary Club in Thame, Source of the Nile Rotary Club and with Haileybury Youth Trust (HYT) in Uganda. HYT is a British NGO building water tanks, latrines and classrooms using workers they have trained up from local villages.

Lunch4Learning is still registered with the Charity Commission in the UK but is planning to close by July 2018. It also continues to be registered with the NGO Board in Uganda where a separate board and administration is already in operation. 

A new website is being developed and should be up in early September.

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