Lunch4Learning’s SHOP is different. Like most charity websites, shopping here is a virtual experience. Unlike many charity websites, Lunch4Learning will always provide you with as much information as possible of where your gift has gone. For donations of over £100/$175/€120, we will also send out a special certificate and a photograph of your gift in its specified location.

All prices quoted below are for £ Sterling, US Dollars and Euros as per rates on 20 February 2017.

Adopt-a-School. We have a long list of schools wishing to join the programme. At present we are able to bring a school on board for a one-off donation £300.
Fruit trees. We are offering a range of mature fruit trees here (incl. apple, avocado, guava, mango, orange and pear), which can cost as little as £18 and would be relatively easy for schools to propagate.
100 seedlings. We are making available to schools a range of seed plants which will include maize, cassava and tomatoes.
The price for a kilo of maize seedlings (around 10 stems) is £0.55.
Set of tools. This gift idea is composed of a hoe, a rake and a spade. A hoe costs £2 per unit to produce but £10 will give one school a full set of tools.
Wheelbarrows. An indispensable tool that allows work on the kitchen gardens to be carried out a lot quicker. Manufactured locally in Uganda, this item costs only£10.
Wells & bore holes. The cost of installing a 16-metre deep well is £4500 whilst a 17.5-metre bore hole and hand pump costs £5700 to install. (Photo courtesy of ‘Water Wells for Africa’)
Bore hole
Water harvesting systems. Catchment from rooftops is harvested and can then be used for agricultural uses and, in most cases, for drinking.
A truly sustainable gift costing £2000 for a system with a 5,000-litre tank. For the 10,000-litre tank system, the cost would be £3000.
5,000 L
10,000 L
Egg production. This gift provides children with chicken rearing skills and eggs can be used to feed the children.
Day-old chicks cost as little as £0.40. The price for 50 chicks is a mere £20 whilst the chicken coop will cost an additional £75.
50 chicks
Cooking pots. An indispensable gift that would last a lifetime.
A 50-litre stainless steel pot costs £140 whilst the bigger 70-litre pot costs £190.
Plastic plates and cups. A single plate-and-cup set costs only £0.40 but we are requesting gifts for multiple sets. For large orders, we will be able to negotiate discounts for volume orders. 50 sets would cost as little as £20 – an absolute bargain!
Organic fertiliser. Not all Ugandan schools would need to fertilise their vegetable gardens but applying fertiliser to the soil would improve crop production immeasurably.
A 50 kg. bag of fertiliser will cost £35.
Red Nose Gang toys. These lovely soft toys would make a wonderful gift for children of 18+ months.
Download the catalogue here.Minimum contributions of £65 – excluding postage. (In the UK we would prefer payment to be accompanied by a signed Gift Aid form.)
Please use the Contact Us page to discuss your choice.
Beehives. For a school, keeping bees can develop into a small-scale business, generating income for the schools’ kitchens.£100 would purchase a complete kit for one school. This includes a large wooden hive, a nuclear colony of bees, a smoker and one set of protective clothing, essential when managing African bees.