Lunch4Learning (L4L) is an NGO that was established in 2008 to champion the provision of a midday meal through establishing school gardens, income generating activities, water harvesting, micro financing and advocacy.

About 50% of the children remain malnourished in Uganda according to their baseline survey carried out in the district last year in 2015. This is attributed the problem to the poor feeding. Many families survive on one meal a day which is not even balanced. Many mothers do not breastfeed their children sufficiently as required which affects children’s growth.

About 70% of the children in primary schools study on empty stomachs. They only survive on one meal from home which is usually supper. This has greatly affected their learning. Such children are always sickly and doze in class and subsequently drop out of school. Malnutrition has greatly affected the performance of our children in schools.

Vitamin A that is necessary for the growth and developing the child’s mind can only be accessed by 60% of the children. Malnourished children always have brains that are not fully developed and such children always find problems in memorizing what they have studied and are likely to make mistakes often.

According to the Uganda National Household Survey 2009/10, stunted children have a higher grade repetition rate of 12.2%. One out of every three young children in Uganda is too short for their age, according to the 2011 Uganda Demographic and Health Survey (UDHS).

Lunch4Learning aims to improve food security and nutrition in schools through agriculture, health and education platforms at primary schools. The approach is to promote year-round food consumption of nutritious meals in schools by increasing knowledge about production of nutritious foods and awareness about nutrition.

Lunch4Learning has been working in Jinja and Kamuli districts and since February 2014, in partnership with SNV, in the Kamuli District on a similar project, and has significant experience and expertise in supporting the development of school gardens and associated school feeding and income-generating programmes

Primary schools are potential centres for social change and learning, not only for children and parents but also the broader community. The creation and working of parent-led school gardens for demonstration purposes and to teach the concept of nutrition will be used as entry points to strengthen linkages between the school and the local community which it serves.

A society where children Potential is Realized


Lunch4Learning  is a Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) working to promote and advocate for better quality of learning and to participate in influencing poverty-focused policies on food and nutrition in schools and communities.


  • Rotary Foundation
  • SNV Netherlands 2014-2016
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  • HYT – Building Water tanks
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Julius Othieno (Programme Manager)
Programme Manager